Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Senior Year Work

First piece of senior year illustration! This is a one week assignment of my choosing so I decided to go with character design. The type isn't very good and needs to be re-worked but I will probably get to that later in the year. This is Wendy the hillbilly werewolf. The idea came to me while playing an old rpg called "Werewolf the Apocalypse" with some friends last year. The idea made me laugh so I thought what would be better than something fun and funny for my first assignment!

This is my second piece of the year. The theme for the project was "environment" or an "environmental issue". I live near the ocean when I'm back in New Jersey so water and the preservation of it and marine life is important to me. However I can never pass up a fantasy idea when it comes to me so here I have a sort of druid purifying the swamp-like water of her home. Been getting a lot of practice with digital which I'm not that proficient at, but this is one of the first pieces I'm actually sort of proud of.

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  1. You have reason to be proud, you're learning a new skill! Plus, the pic is lovely :)