Sunday, September 4, 2011


Practicing my digital stuff. Not a pro yet but I'm working on coloring some doodles from my sketchbooks. More will be added later. This is Angel from the movie "Rock and Rule". It happens to be Canada's first full length feature animated film. It was made by some "fresh-out-of-art school" guys and the movie bombed. However, I happen to think it's really funny, goofy, and strange. Cult classic worthy for sure. Angel is more the hero than the guy who's supposed to be the hero and she's just so adorable I couldn't resist doodling her one night. Special thanks to Anne Karetnikov for introducing this movie to me! <3

These two I scribbled in my sketchbook while watching the new Thundercats cartoon. I loved the original as a kid and the new one isn't a disappointment! I like what they kept and what they changed so far. The show must have put me in the mood to draw tigers.

Yes... a World of Warcraft picture. My take on a tauren priestess. No one seems to play them even though I find the idea of them interesting. The colors were inspired by Woody Crumbo's work. If you have never heard of him look him up! He is a fantastic Native American painter.

And a Dungeons and Dragons doodle. One of my biggest pet peeves is when too many people make "dark" and "brooding" characters to play as with "troubled pasts". I played as this delightful halfling bard known as Merrick Kitten's Touch. He did nothing but drink, smoke, laugh, and hit on everyone and everything. He's probably the most annoying yet endearing characters I've ever played as.

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