Saturday, March 26, 2011


Three out of 7 small 4X4 pictures I have to do. I wuv dem.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest Painting

Painting I did over Spring break. The theme was a human figure interacting with a made up creature. Right up my alley! My teacher even looked at me and chuckled while telling us the assignment. Watercolor on Bristol. A bit of micron pen as well. The scanner was not big enough to get the whole picture but its about 95% of it. Just the sides are cut off a little. I'll try to find a bigger scanner.

Cult Classic Brewers

Doing a group project in which two guys both named Ben and myself are designing packaging, labels, and advertisement for a made up beer company. We chose to do a cult classic monster theme or "B Movie" theme for ours. We chose 6 different classic monsters Frankenstein, Leather face, aliens, giant bugs, Mummy, and Wolf Man. I was in charge of the Wolf Man and the Mummy. The other image is the side of our 6-pack I did the woman and the placement of splatters and type. More to come for this one.